АсемEnglish language it is world language. A lot of people on the world knows English language.

And I start learn english too, for to go to America. English language helps me to easy chat with people. And see the world differently. I know english now and i feel myself free to american people. I can enjoy it. I know more they cultury. This is promotion for me. In the future i can see myself working in another country. This is knowledge. In America a lot of people from different country. We are united by English language. Everybody to talk in English. All people understand each another. We all from different country and speak a different languages,but we all chat only in English. I met with different people from different country. Maybe it is lifetime friendship. I know about they life, they cultury,how they live. This is very interesting. I am so happy that learnt English language. It was my passion in the future. I have got basic knowledge English from school. I study it right know, but i never thought how it can be important to have real experiance to live. And work with people which knaitive language. And they dont know my language. They very appreshative that i can talk English with them. Im very happy about it.


Асем, 23 года, Нью Йорк

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    • Алина

      Спасибо за отзыв. Завтра поеду на пробное тестирование на определение уровня!!! я тоже хочу в америку!!!

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