A3qk_VWUKhYHello everybody! I’m a person, who is going to «Knowledge Center» for 4 months. «Knowledge Center» is a convenient and easy way to learn English. The teachers are great, they can explain English grammar, meaning of unfamiliar words, etc. for everybody and everywhere. Some words about me…

My name is Diana and I’m 15 years old.  At the beginning of the study of English at the «Knowledge Center», I didn’t understand «why I do it». But at the moment I’m glad to go to English classes every week, I can speak in English better than in the past, read and write this message for you :D . I like to learn English, and I think that in the future, my life (job) will be associated with this language.Everyone can learn international language. With time and patience the leaf of mulberry bush becomes satin ;) . (Терпение и труд все перетрут.)

Диана, 15 лет, Алматы

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