DinaraHello! My name is Dinara Ospanova. I have finished learning English in the language courses «Knowledge Center». I started doing this course one and a half year ago. When I came here my level was very low and I had a little knowledge of English only from school.

So I started from Elementary level. I had lessons three times a week in individual form.I wanted to learn English because I had realized that it was very important for me if I wanted to study abroad. And nowadays English is an international language and you have to know it if you want to be successful in life. Thanks to this center I my teacher I can speak, read, write in English and understand native speakers.

I would like to thank my teacher for her contribution in my development in English. The lessons were interesting and I tried to do my homework for every lesson because I knew that it would help me improve my knowledge gradually. Now my level is Advanced, so it means I have opportunities to study abroad or to get a good job here as there are a lot of foreign companies which demand good knowledge of English. Also, having finished learning English I can pass my examinations of IELTS and TOEFL.

I wish this center further prosperity in its work, and I will give an advice to my friends to come here for learning foreign languages.

Динара, 18 лет, Алматы

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