svetlana1Hello! I study English at the “Knowledge” language school. Before I didn’t have any abilities in learning any languages and I didn’t think that I could really speak English someday.

At the same time I understood that English was very important language nowadays. So I decided to go for learning English at the “Knowledge” language school. When I came there I liked teachers and their methodology of teaching very much. After the first lesson I have been really interested in studying English. Besides I have been very pleased with flexible schedule and individual approach to every student. So I have been learning English for about 8 months at this school and I have a big progress. Now I already can understand foreigners, write letters and articles in English translate texts and even watch English films. I don’t have any difficulties doing it. Also their unique methodology helped me pass Master Course English test and I have entered to the University for the Grant. Next summer I’m going to the USA to learn American culture and practice my English. If somebody looked for English courses I would strongly recommend “Knowledge”.

Светлана, 23 года, Алматы

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